Big Nvidia Brother: Terrifying Metropolis platform paves the way for smarter cities – ICU 24/7

Nvidia’s slightly terrifying Metropolis platform paves the way for smarter cities


“No longer just a graphics card manufacturer aiming to push more pixels in the latest first person shooter, Nvidia’s video processing and machine learning chips are starting to become benchmarks in a number of growing industries. For example, in industrial drones they’re helping to automatically recognize and track assets on large work sites, and in self-driving cars they’re taking a “watch and learn” approach to figuring out how traffic works.

Now Nvidia believes there’s an opportunity to use AI, deep learning and a gushing firehose of data to monitor and optimize the entire organism of a city. And it’s working toward that goal with Metropolis. This platform encompasses a number of Nvidia products all operating on a unified architecture, which can come together to analyze and make sense of video in real time….

Through partner businesses, Nvidia’s technology is set to take things even further, enabling autonomous aerial systems streaming video back from the sky, security robots driving themselves around looking for trouble spots, and ultra high resolution, super-wide panoramic cameras that capture a whole scene instead of needing to track and follow objects.

And instead of just recording and storing footage, every camera’s output would be constantly analyzed and crunched into useful data points. We’re talking facial recognition, vehicle recognition, and pattern tracking in road and pedestrian traffic.”

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