Tin Foil Hat Time: Hackers can hijack brainwaves to capture your passwords

How hackers can hijack brainwaves to capture your passwords | ZDNet

“after watching a participant for only 200 characters, the AI was able to accurately guess which letters were being typed based on brain waves.

While each guess was not perfect, the rates were still rather impressive.

The chance of the researcher’s AI guessing a four-digit random PIN number was reduced from approximately 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 20, and a six-letter password’s chance of a successful result was cut to 1 in 500.

The researcher says the results are significant as the Epoc+ headset is still in its infancy, and as technology improves, it is feasible that one day, cybercriminals — potentially taking advantage of games which require inputting numbers and letters — could use such technology to capture victim brainwaves.”

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