For Fussy Liberals, It’s Always Apocalypse Right Now

For Fussy Liberals, It’s Always Apocalypse Right Now – Kurt Schlichter

“Liberals are upset – they’re always upset – that the evil GOP of Hate has condemned America to a return to a marginally more progressive version of the nightmarish hellscape that was our country before Obamacare passed on March 21, 2010. Once again, the lifeless bodies of those who fail to buy themselves health insurance will be piled upon the sidewalks, left to be carted away as they were in the dark ages of the ‘90s and ‘00s – no doubt by industrious undocumented workers who should be paid a living wage for performing this job that Americans just won’t do. And the Republicans will sit by, watching through their monocles, giggling at this grim tableau of human misery until they grow bored and return to their regularly scheduled agenda of puppy torture and crushing the dreams of young women who want only break the glass ceiling and “be the very best me I can be.”

Or something….”

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