Hamas: For gullible foreigners

Source: Mick Hartley: For gullible foreigners

“That new cuddly western-friendly Hamas charter, which received such positive coverage here, gets taken apart by Yair Rosenberg:

As the [New York] Times noted, the new document does not accept Israel’s right to exist. It also does not disavow or replace the group’s official charter, which blames the Jews for both world wars, cites the anti-Semitic screed The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and is riddled with anti-Jewish tropes.

The document does, however, contain many obvious and hilarious lies. It’s worth enumerating a few of them, if only to underscore the fact that this document is a work of propaganda intended for gullible foreigners, and not a serious policy statement..


4. Hamas is not anti-Semitic, because only Europeans are anti-Semitic…..

5. Jerusalem has no Jewish holy places.

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