Mark Zuckerberg’s Distorted Reality | Making The Matrix Acceptable

Mark Zuckerberg’s Distorted Reality | LifeZette

Zuck: “In this fantasy world, all user would be able to create their own magical realities right in front of their eyes. So if you’re sitting at your kitchen table in the morning by yourself — lonely and longing for company, not yet having found that perfect someone — you could “create” a second cup of coffee to appear at your table so that you don’t feel so alone.

If you’re a kid and you love Harry Potter, you could “create” the world of Hogwarts right in front of your eyes — and dwell in it for as long as you like.”

God forbid that you should connect with a real human. No, real people are out and Zuck’s Matrix is the place to be, all by yourself, playing with yourself, in a world made by yourself, god like and but alone. Sad.

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