The Navy’s Love Boats Sail Again – Suzanne Fields

The Navy’s Love Boats Sail Again – Suzanne Fields

“Women can do most things as well as men. Almost nobody disputes that now. Women can do some things better than men. Many women thought Donald Trump as president would be a disaster for the final female assault on the glass ceiling. It hasn’t quite turned out that way, and women, such as U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, have been stars of his new administration.

But two of the things women have not done so well are soldiering and, by the most recent evidence, “sailoring.” Women, with some exceptions, may not be cut out for making war. But this new evidence demonstrates that they’re uniquely efficient at making babies….

Jude Eden, author of several books about women in the military and a Marine veteran of the Iraq War, was quoted in The Caller as saying that the training and subsequent transfer of a pregnant woman from ship to shore costs the Navy up to $30,000, and such transfers cost the Navy a total of $115 million in 2016 alone.”


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