Venezuela: Inequity Eliminated, Everyone is Equally Poor & Miserable

Venezuelans Rally in Caracas to Keep Pressure on Maduro – Bloomberg

“Albina Molina, 75-year-old secretary clad in the opposition’s white clothes, walked toward the main Caracas highway, a droplet heading for a river of dissent flowing across the capital.

“This is not the Venezuela I was born in,” Molina said Thursday. “Here, there was abundance; now there is only authoritarianism, where the government can attack anyone who doesn’t agree with it.”

For the third time in a week, opponents of President Nicolas Maduro attempted to march across the capital in protest of what they say is a power grab by the ruling socialists. In a demonstration much larger than those of past days, thousands clogged the city’s main road, wearing tricolor caps of red, yellow and blue and waving Venezuelan flags.”

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