The Northwestern University Rape Outbreak That Wasn’t 

The Northwestern University Rape Outbreak That Wasn’t – Michelle Malkin

The Fraternity and the men associated with it have been vilified. The anonymous accuser and fellow believers go unpunished and free to participate in another male bashing episode. No Justice.

“Before I reveal the substance of her update, let me note that shrieking protests ensued after that initial alert. Tears flowed. Demands escalated. Northwestern’s student government association called for SAE’s suspension. The Chicago Tribune’s headline on the brouhaha screamed “crisis.” The Chicago Sun-Times’ headline blared that “nerves are raw.” Local TV stations spread panic over “date rape drugs.” On behalf of the university, Telles-Irvin condemned “any such conduct in the strongest possible terms.” The school offered support for “survivors.”

But the hysteria was all based on anonymous phone calls. There were no actual victims, no witnesses and no physical evidence or electronic evidence or any other kind of evidence that any such an event involving any such women ingesting any such drugs or suffering any such sexual assaults ever occurred….

And now for the denouement.

After a “prompt and thorough” investigation, Patricia Telles-Irvin revealed last week, “(n)o disciplinary action or further investigative action related to the reports of sexual misconduct will be taken at this time.” Did investigators ever track down the anonymous callers who leveled the allegations that smeared the fraternity’s rep and convicted its members in the court of public opinion? Will false accusers ever be held accountable? We’ll never know. The case of the Northwestern rape outbreak that never happened is closed. Poof!”

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