First Lady Helps Present Courage Awards To 13 Women

First lady helps present courage awards to 13 women –

“First Lady Melania Trump honors Human Rights Activist Fadia Najib Thabet of Yemen during the International Women of Courage ceremony at the State Department in Washington, DC, March 29, 2017. AFP/Getty Images…

The award is given to women around the world who have shown courage and leadership while advocating for peace, justice, human rights, gender equality and women’s empowerment – often at personal risk.

One of those honoured, Natalia Ponce de Leon, of Colombia, started a foundation to defend and protect the human rights of victims of acid attacks after a stalker doused her face and body with sulphuric acid in March 2014.

Another woman, Malebogo Molefhe, of Botswana, became an advocate for female victims of gender-based violence after she was attacked, including being shot eight times, by an ex-boyfriend in 2009. She uses a wheelchair due to extensive spinal cord injuries suffered during the assault.”


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