The longest stretch of no sunspots since 2009

The longest stretch of no sunspots since 2009 | Behind The Black

“The Sun just completed its longest stretch, 15 days, without sunspots since 2009, suggesting once again that the solar minimum is coming much sooner than expected.

So far this year the Sun has been blank 34% of the time, a pace that makes this year almost as blank as 2009, …

What happens next remains the big question. Will the Sun enter a grand minimum, with no sunspots for decades? Or will sunspot activity continue? Since solar scientists really do not yet understand the mechanism within the sun’s magnetic field that causes this solar cycle, we really can’t answer these questions, in advance. We must wait, and see.”

A Grand Minimum would drive earth temperatures down, way down. An Ice age is not likely, but we could be in for longer, harsher winters and shorter growing seasons.

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