Violent Campus Reflects a Sordid Culture | Parents, Do You Know Where Your Kids Are – Suzanne Fields

When the Violent Campus Reflects a Sordid Culture – Suzanne Fields

“Middlebury is an elite campus: The students’ SAT scores rank in the 96th percentile, and the annual cost can run up to $65,000. U.S. News & World Report ranks it No. 4 among the nation’s liberal arts schools. Such students shouldn’t have to break somebody’s head to make an intellectual point….

What is new is that the rack and rumpus today is backed by a perverse sense of moral superiority, a pampered and polarized perception of how to think about right and wrong, which becomes the intellectual equivalent of Tarzan’s “me good; you bad.”…

plays “into a narrative that depicts college students in general — and liberal campuses in particular — as privileged enclaves filled with spoiled, out-of-touch, intolerant ‘snowflakes’ more concerned with maintaining their own ideological cocoons than with making change in the real world.”

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