Listen to Me: IBM & Microsoft Reach ‘Human parity’ speech recognition

Artificial intelligence can do many things better than humans, but speech recognition isn’t one of them. Yet.

Source: IBM vs Microsoft: ‘Human parity’ speech recognition record changes hands again | ZDNet

“IBM has edged past Microsoft in its latest speech-recognition test, achieving a word error rate of 5.5 percent.

That error rate does match the roughly one in 20 words that humans miss when listening to a conversation, and puts IBM ahead of Microsoft’s recent best of 5.9 percent recorded in October, which beat IBM’s top performance in 2016 of 6.9 percent.

But IBM stresses that it could still be a while before machines can beat humans at understanding conversations. Microsoft argued that it had reached “human parity” when announcing its 5.9 percent word error rate, but IBM says its new study proves Microsoft’s celebration was premature.

​Microsoft's newest milestone? World's lowest error rate in speech recognition

Microsoft Cortina

“As part of our process in reaching today’s milestone, we determined human parity is actually lower than what anyone has yet achieved — at 5.1 percent,” Saon said.”

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