Women’s March on Portland cannot account for thousands of dollars in donations

Women’s March on Portland cannot account for thousands of dollars in donations | OregonLive.com

The Left’s need for victim status has Trans vs Women factions fighting over turf and money. Humans, wherever they go there they are.

“This isn’t the first rift among organizers. Weeks before the march, the original leaders were replaced after accusations of racism and transphobia led the NAACP to pull its support for the event.

Lead organizer Margaret Jacobsen and PDX Trans Pride’s Rebekah Katherine Brewis, as well as a group including Kat Lattimer, Nora Colie and Erica Fuller, took the reins.

According to a Facebook post from Jacobsen, Brewis agreed to have PDX Trans Pride act as “fiscal sponsor” of the event so the Women’s March could collect donations and raise money to pay for costs associated with the march. But there was no written contract laying out how the fiscal sponsorship would work, according to Jacobsen.

Now, Jacobsen wrote in the Facebook post, PDX Trans Pride is refusing to account for the funds. Jacobsen said the group is keeping money the Women’s March had hoped to use for future Women’s March-related activities. “

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