President Trump’s Speech Last Night | Scott Adams’ Blog

President Trump’s Speech Last Night | Scott Adams’ Blog

“Looks to me as if it was a base-clearing home run. Even Democrats are having trouble criticizing it. Surveys are positive. Stock market is up. CNN’s most credible anti-Trumper, Van Jones, said Trump was presidential, in a good way. Don Lemon got triggered into cognitive dissonance, hypothesizing that Trump’s presidential words don’t match his off-stage personality. In other words, it was a speech.

….He wrapped part of his message around honoring a fallen hero. You can’t criticize any part of that without seeming disrespectful. And persuasion-wise, saying Ryan Owen’s memory is “etched into eternity” is one of the great presidential lines of all time. Simple and perfect. And thanks to President Trump’s speech, Ryan Owen’s name is in fact etched into eternity. The President predicted it, then he literally made it happen, right in front of us, without taking the focus off of Ryan. That’s as good as it gets.

Trump did a High Ground Maneuver by referring to many of the criticisms of his administration as “trivial.” Now the people who keep making such criticisms are defining themselves to be in the unimportant part of the conversation. That is super-strong persuasion that I think most people missed. It’s a trap. Wait for more “trivial” criticisms”

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