UN Urged to Add 11 Parties to List of Child Rights Violators

UN Urged to Add 11 Parties to List of Child Rights Violators

“Watchlist, a human rights and humanitarian network established in 2001, also recommended the listing of armed opposition groups in southern Thailand for perpetrating attacks on schools and hospitals, the Communist Party/Maoist for recruiting and using children in India, and the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and pro-government militias in Afghanistan for recruiting, killing and injuring youngsters.

Other groups the network cited for addition to the blacklist are the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq; the Libyan National Army and several other armed groups in Libya; Johnson Olony’s armed group in South Sudan; Tehrik-i-Taliban in Pakistan, also known as the Pakistani Taliban; and the Mali government-allied group GATIA and a coalition called the Coordination of Azawad Movements, which includes ethnic Arabs and Tuaregs and seeks autonomy in Mali’s north.

Watchlist urged the U.N. to collect further information on groups in Afghanistan, Congo, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Philippines, Burundi and Ukraine and on two Palestinian groups — the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Hamas’ military wing — for possible inclusion in next year’s report.”

What do they have in common?

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