TX teacher fired for ‘kill Jews’ tweet

TX teacher fired for ‘kill Jews’ tweet

She looks so nice, nothing like the racist, violent anti-semite that she is

Do you think there is a connection between bomb threats against Jewish schools and grave desecration in Jewish cemeteries and anti-israeli protesters? I do.

What will the media do when the find out that violence against Jews is coming from the Democrat Left?

“The Algemeiner Journal reports that Nancy Salem was among 24 anti-Israel activists protesting at the University of Texas-Arlington. The group expressed racist and violent beliefs online, which is what brought attention to Salem.

On her now-defunct Twitter account, Salem tweeted a friend headed for Palestine to “kill some Jews.”

Western Wall JerusalemSalem, a Palestinian, was employed by The Children’s Courtyard, which took action after its Facebook page was flooded with complaints about her.”

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