What’s Donald Trump’s End Game With The Media? – Drive Them Crazy & Impotent

“The president has long toyed with the media, but the stakes are much higher now.”

Yes, the media could lose this war. Readership has been in decline for years. Papers are losing money. People  do not trust the media. Yes, the media could lose the war and a lose would take decades to recover.

The Atlantic goes on and on about issues that are irrelevant to his supporters. Trump people want action and he is delivering.

They were wrong about his electability and they are wrong not to recognize how vulnerable they are to the ‘fake news’ allegations.

From his words to your ears, he loves confronting the media. It’s not stressful for him, but he is inside the media’s head and it’s driving them mad. Game on.

Source: What’s Donald Trump’s End Game? – The Atlantic

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