Feds Don’t Know How Many Scientists Fake Their Data

Feds Don’t Know How Many Scientists Fake Their Data | The Daily Caller

Trust me, I’m a Scientist. Flawed humans all!

“NSF’s Inspector General (IG) — the agency’s internal watchdog — closed 74 investigations over the last two years that caught researchers plagiarizing, manipulating data, stealing, wasting government money, or committing other fraud

The cases include researchers who falsified data, plagiarized other work, spent NSF money on personal expenses, invented fictitious employees, used taxpayer dollars for online gambling, and much, much more. Some researchers saw jail time for their misdeeds, while others made genuine mistakes – which still threatened or wasted taxpayer dollars

….One case alone accounted for $9.1 million of the waste. A university – whose name was redacted – “misused” funds related to 11 NSF awards. The matter was settled out of court, but the amount paid back to the government was redacted.

In fact, most of the cases were redacted and contained varying levels of information. The scientists and the names of institutions – which were frequently universities – were always redacted, even when individuals received convictions.

One researcher was caught trying to use NSF funds to pay for personal charges, such as “patio furniture, cell phones and a rental apartment,” a report said.

Another scientist “falsified data in three publications, each since retracted,” a second report said. The researcher was banned from receiving NSF funds for three years.”

Redacting the names of the convicted should be banned , including the names of the universities that failed to find the fraud.

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