Speaking Trump’s Truth to Power

Speaking Trump’s Truth to Power – Suzanne Fields

“President Donald Trump is the carnival barker with a megaphone and the loudest voice on the midway, shilling for the greatest show on Earth. He’s the used car salesman pushing a battered Buick with manifold sins that have been covered over with a few coats of slick new paint.

Or maybe not…..

The press cultivates hostility toward Trump in his own voice, but the hostility is a bit restrained in coverage of surrogates who are more precise and persuasive on his behalf. His style may derive from his experience in making business deals — first overstating what he says he wants and then compromising to what he had in mind all along. It’s certainly different. American negotiators often begin by asking the other side what it wants and then trying to find a way to give it. The world will get used to it, particularly when he appoints men and women good and true to speak that truth to power great and small.

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