Ecuador Elections: Will the Left Lose Another South American Nation?

Ecuador holds elections Sunday: Will leftist Pres. Rafael Correa’s successor get enough votes to avoid a run-off with a center-right candidate?

Source: Ecuador Elections: Will the Left Lose Another South American Nation? – NBC News

“The Ecuadorean constitution prevents Correa from running for a 4th term in office — for now. But prior to his leaving office, he has already signed into law a number of amendments to the constitution, including one that eliminates term limits for presidents.

The new constitution does not go into effect until a new administration takes over, which has fueled speculation of a 2021 run from Correa.

The Ecuadorean president is known for retaliating against criticism: Since taking office the government has seized two private television networks, runs five state-owned TV stations and sued journalists critical of his administration.

Emilio Palacio is a journalist who now lives in exile in Miami. He fled to Florida after Correa sued him over an opinion article he wrote; Correa won the suit. Palacio was sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to pay $40 million dollars.

“It’s not a democracy,” Palacio told NBC News, “There is no separation of power.””


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