Federal Agency Eased Sanctions for Plagiarism & False Data

Federal Agency Eased Sanctions for Plagiarism

Scientists gone wrong and Feds keep funding them. Conclusion: the Feds must like what the fake scientists are producing.

“A federal agency that funds scientific research nixed punishments recommended by its own ethics watchdog for some academics who plagiarized and manipulated data in grant proposals and taxpayer-funded research, public records show.

The inspector general for the National Science Foundation identified at least 23 instances of plagiarism in proposals, NSF-funded research, and agency publications in 2015 and 2016. It found at least eight instances of data manipulation and fabrication in those years. NSF officials disregarded recommended sanctions against some of the scientists and academics implicated in those findings. Though many were temporarily barred from receiving additional federal funding, nearly all will be eligible for taxpayer support and official roles in NSF-funded research in the future….

The NSF accepted most of the recommendations, but it chose not to bar the researcher from working for NSF in an official capacity, as the IG had proposed. The researcher would be free to continue advising, consulting, and peer-reviewing taxpayer-funded research.

In another investigation, which concluded in Aug. 2016, the IG found that a university professor supported by an NSF grant “falsified the status of a total of seven manuscripts in four NSF annual grant reports and four NSF proposals” and “engaged in a total of twelve acts of research misconduct in a continuous pattern spanning several years.”

“The professor’s fabrication of data and falsification of manuscripts’ status were intentional acts, fit a pattern of research misconduct, and were a significant departure from accepted practices,” the IG concluded.

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