Audi’s Wage Gap & No Women Board

“The ‘wage gap’ between men and women is such an old canard that it could be coeval with the birth of (real) fake news. With their sure grasp on the exploitation of ignorance, Democrats have turned it into a perduring plank in the ‘war on women’ allegedly waged by Republicans.

Source: The Audi factor | Power Line

“You pay your female employees less than males?” she asked. “You know that’s against the law, right?”

Audi’s official Twitter account responded: “When we account for all the various factors that go into pay, women at Audi are on par with their male counterparts.”

Hillary’s foundation pays women less than men too and they have the same answer.

It’s a good answer, but Hillary and Audi never seem to think it applies to anyone they don’t like. In Hillary’s case the fake wage gap is a great fund raiser. Audi thinks it will boost sales.

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