This just happened to me on my 1 year old MacBook Pro, keyboard not detected. Fortunately I have USB a keyboard & mouse. Is it hardware or software?

What to do?

  • Backup using Time machine.
  • Deleted my old Anti-Virus
  • Installed a new Anti-Virus
  • Scan, nothing found.
  • I updated my OS through the Store. No change.
  • Apple support was not much help.
  • Youtube has several videos that others found helpful, not me.
  • Finally something that worked and it’s easy:

Reboot and hold Command & R to start the MacOS Utility. My keyboard and mouse started working. At this point it was clear that the problem was software. You must be connected to the internet.

I did not erase/format the disk.

Install a new version of the OS. It took about 1 hour and everything is working. No lost data. I have no Idea what caused the software to go bonkers.

If you are using a Windows keyboard 

Source: KA-CHING!

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