The Universe Is Expanding Surprisingly Fast

The Universe Is Expanding Surprisingly Fast

Explosions should not go on forever and they definitely should not increase in speed at the same time. Astronomers invented Dark Matter as a way to explain this phenomenon. Dark Matter is a measure of out ignorance. I prefer to call it the Breath of God, created as he spoke the Universe into existence.

“The discrepancy could also indicate that dark matter — the strange, invisible stuff that astronomers think vastly outweighs “normal” matter throughout the universe — has as-yet-unappreciated characteristics, or that Einstein’s theory of gravity has some holes, they added….

…Astronomers have pegged the universe’s current expansion rate — a value known as the Hubble constant, after American astronomer Edwin Hubble — at about 44.7 miles (71.9 kilometers) per second per megaparsec. (One megaparsec is about 3.26 million light-years.)

This newly derived number is consistent with a calculation that was announced last year by a different research team, which was led by Nobel laureate Adam Riess. But it’s considerably higher than the rate that was estimated by the European Space Agency’s Planck satellite mission in 2015 — about 41.6 miles (66.9 km) per second per megaparsec.”

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