Majority of Pro-Choicers Support ‘Significant Restrictions’ on Abortion

Marist Poll: Majority of Pro-Choicers Support ‘Significant Restrictions’ on Abortion

Yes it was a big march, but it does not represent the majority of people.

“( –  A new Marist poll released days before the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. found that 74 percent of all Americans – including 54 percent of those who identify as pro-choice – are in favor of “significant restrictions” on abortion.

The majority supporting restrictions on abortion held “regardless of race, political party, or candidate support,” according to the poll, which was commissioned by the Knights of Columbus (KofC).

In addition, “Americans overwhelmingly oppose using tax dollars to fund abortions” both abroad (83%) and in the U.S. (61%), the poll found….

The poll found that 90% of Republicans, 72% of Independents, and 58% of Democrats (including 55% who supported Hillary Clinton for president) are in favor of restrictions, ranging from limiting abortion to the first trimester, allowing abortions only in the case of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother, to not permitting abortion under any circumstances”

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