Advice for Mexico

Advice for Mexico

“As a Mexican-American who often identifies more with the “American” side of the hyphen, sanctimonious attempts by Mexican officials to lecture Americans about how to stop illegal immigration over our southern border always grate on me….

Why? Because if the presidents of Mexico had the integrity and courage to tackle corruption, modernize government, create jobs, improve their economy, and reform their legal system, there is a good chance that fewer of their countrymen would leave their families, abandon their communities and risk their lives to cross the border into the United States. Once here, they are at the tender mercies of politicians — in both parties — who too often cynically use the immigration issue for their own benefit.

And, if Fox (former Mexican President) wants to talk about “racist” monuments, let’s have at it. The former Mexican president, who happens to have a light complexion, can start by addressing the racism in Mexico against dark-skinned Mexicans with an abundance of Indian blood. He could also atone for his own clumsy comments in 2005 about how Mexican immigrants in the United States do the kinds of hard and dirty jobs that “even blacks won’t do.”

As for monuments, that’s exactly what those Mexican immigrants represent — monuments to an ineffective government south of the border that often seems at war with its own people and usually does them more harm than good.”

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