Better Angels Under Siege – Suzanne Fields

The Better Angels Under Siege – Suzanne Fields

“…Obama and Trump get along. It’s all those other angry men and women in the party who lost power who refuse to act like grown-ups. The Democratic donkey was born on a cartoonist’s easel at the time then-presidential candidate Andrew Jackson was called a jacka–, but now the humor is mean-spirited and questions the legitimacy of a fairly elected president. It’s humor without wit intended to divide, deride and denigrate. These Democrats seem to have forgotten that it’s their country, too…..
It’s sad and even a little shocking how the slogan “Make America Great Again” is interpreted in many quarters as racist because the “again” is taken as a reference to the time in America before the civil rights revolution. A slogan is always simplistic. The sentiment of the president-elect’s caught on because it recalls America after World War II, after the nation had helped save the world from the brutal fascist, racist and virulently anti-Semitic Nazi Germany, and defeated an aggressive and ruthless Japan — and then rebuilt both.”
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