The Secularization of Martin Luther King Jr.

The Secularization of Martin Luther King Jr. | LifeZette

“It’s a story you won’t hear anywhere this week as the life of Martin Luther King is celebrated: the story of the battle for the soul of a nation between King and his rival, Malcolm X. The battle between a Baptist preacher and a Nation of Islam disciple.

And if you listen carefully, what you’ll hear is deafening silence about the one element of King’s life without which none of his efforts would have been possible: his devotion to his faith and his God — his devotion to Jesus Christ.

“To most Christians, the Bible is like a software license,” Bill Maher once explained. “Nobody actually reads it. They just scroll down to the bottom and click, ‘I agree.'”

Rev. Martin Luther King thought differently. Indeed, he found the Bible so compelling that his undergraduate degree was in Bible studies and his Ph.D. was in theology. To King, the Bible wasn’t a software license. It was software code — a deep, mysterious code authored by God for man’s eternal soul.”

Amen Brother

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