Caylin Moore: TCU’s Rhodes Scholar – Bravo

The remarkable story of TCU’s Rhodes scholar, Caylin Moore

“He’s the son of a convicted murderer and a sexual assault survivor. He spent most of his childhood sharing a bed with his mother and two siblings, living in a house without hot water on the crime-ridden border of Compton and Carson, south of Los Angeles. He collected cans and bottles to buy football cleats, blossomed in Snoop Dogg’s youth league and went on to play in high school and college. He has been a Fulbright scholar and, yes, a campus custodian. At TCU, he majors in economics, minors in math and sociology, and carries a GPA of 3.934.

Last month, he was among the 32 men and women awarded the 2017 Rhodes scholarship

“I look at everything I’ve been through, everything I’m doing, it’s enough to reduce me to tears sometimes,” he said. “I’ve been through amazing, impossible things, to a point where it’s like, ‘Wow, hard work and opportunity wasn’t the only thing that did that.’ There was some divine intervention.””

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