Putin: The Man In Charge

Mick Hartley

The man in charge

Anshel Pfeffer in Haaretz – Putin’s Speech Shows UN Who’s in Charge:

“The last time Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the United Nations General Assembly, exactly 10 years ago, he made do with a five-minute speech extolling the UN’s virtues. On Monday, it was a different, much more aggressive Putin. He spoke for 20 minutes and presented a clear and forceful foreign policy for his country.

Putin chose a very evocative way to open his speech, reminding delegates of the summit between the leaders of the allies, leaders of “the countries that defeated Nazism,” which took place “in our country – in Crimea, in Yalta.”

Yes, Crimea which Russia invaded and annexed last year in response to the pro-western revolution in Ukraine. Crimea, he was saying, will remain part of Russia, no matter that the west will not recognize it as such. He may agree to be a bit more flexible regarding the other areas of eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian separatists are operating, along with the Russian soldiers who Russia denies are there.”

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