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Deckard is Back

Harrison Ford returns for ‘Blade Runner’ sequel | Fox News.

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Why ‘Jihadi John’ is so worrying

Why ‘Jihadi John’ is so worrying – Well educated, financially secure and a bloody Islamist. He is not the oppressed, jobless, uneducated victim the President portrayed as vulnerable to Islamic radicalization last week in his 3 day summit. The … Continue reading

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▶ George W. Bush Predicts ISIS In 2007

The message people did not want to hear

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Earth’s other ‘Moon’ – Yes We Have Two

Earth’s other ‘moon’ and its crazy orbit could reveal mysteries of the solar system.

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Ceres: Dead Death Star

Strange lights on dwarf planet Ceres have scientists perplexed.

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Maraschino Pot

NY maraschino cherry tycoon kills self as inspectors discover pot business – Chicago Tribune. Can’t make this stuff up.

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Obama vs King Abdullah

I’m betting on the King a direct descendant of Muhammed and yes that is a real photo of our Commander-in-chief from his Indonesia trip

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