Congratulations to Gay Americans

Congratulations to Gay Americans Who Are Now Eligible for the Tax Code’s Marriage Penalty | International Liberty.

“On the revenue side, the CBO estimated that gay marriage in all 50 states would increase tax receipts by about $400 million a year if the George W. Bush tax cuts were extended and by about $700 million a year if they were not. Because those tax cuts ended up being mostly extended, the answer is probably somewhere in the middle, but closer to $400 million. The added revenue comes from the “marriage penalty”: Two-earner married couples where each spouse has a similar income tend to be taxed more heavily than they would be if both partners were single. Other couples get a “marriage bonus,” generally when the spouses’ incomes are very unequal, but the marriage penalty effect is more important.”

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1 Response to Congratulations to Gay Americans

  1. I am not gay, however, same-sex marriage does not bother me. Marriage is defined by the Dictionary as an interpersonal union. Religious conservative types claim that allowing equal treatment under the law will lead to redefining marriage are being absurd. You can’t redefine something that is already defined by the Dictionary.

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