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The Tau Of Alzheimers?

Is Tau the How Behind Alzheimers? – US News.

alzheimers.jpgNeurons — highly specialized nerve cells in the brain — appear to die when tau malfunctions and fails to clear the cells of unwanted and toxic proteins, explained Charbel Moussa, head of the Laboratory for Dementia and Parkinsonism at Georgetown University School of Medicine, in Washington, D.C.

This means drugs that replace the function of tau in these brain cells are likely to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s, he said.”

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CDC deletes ebola info from website

CDC deletes ebola info from website | Behind The Black.

Incompetence: One day after posting information that said ebola could be spread by a sneeze, the Centers for Disease Control has deleted that information from its webpage.”

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Judge limits nurses movement, but rejects quarantine

Judge limits nurses movement, but rejects quarantine.

Considering her remote location the restrictions seem reasonable. Avoiding public contact should be easy and a bike ride on a country poses no risk to anyone but the reporters that shove microphones in her face.

I’m not sure this would work if she lived in a urban setting.

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Canadian Ebola Team Evacuated from Sierra Leone”

The Canadian scientists are “voluntarily isolating” themselves, the PHAC said, although the agency did not explain precisely what that means.The scientists will be monitored closely when they return to Canada, having their temperatures checked for at least 21 days – the maximum incubation period of the disease.”

via Canadian Ebola team coming home from Sierra Leone on chartered flight – The Globe and Mail.

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The Domestic Violence Mostly-Black Blacklist

The Domestic Violence Blacklist – Brent Bozell

They found Herron sent the messages herself to frame Cunningham.

Now, the 27-year-old Cunningham is a former NBA player. The charges were dropped and police concluded Herron fabricated the allegations against him. But Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman … won’t charge Herron with filing a false police report. He told the AP he feared “a chilling effect” on future victims of domestic violence.

Freeman doesn’t care about the “chilling effect” on Cunningham’s reputation. “At this point it’s about justice and it’s about clearing my name,” Cunningham told the AP. “Clearly this adds a terrible stigma to my name. … Now when anyone looks up Dante Cunningham, ‘Oh, wasn’t he the one that was in trouble?’ There’s nothing out there saying there was a false charge.””

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The New York Times War on Gun-Owning Rape Victims

The New York Times War on Gun-Owning Rape Victims – Michelle Malkin

“That rape victim has a name and a story Firestone couldn’t even bother to mention. She is Kimberly Weeks, a brave and fierce Colorado woman who testified against the Bloomberg-backed gun-control measures that beleaguered Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper now admits he passed “without basic facts” and concedes were ineffective from the get-go.

Weeks was brutally raped as a college junior at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. As she recounted last year, “I will never know if I would have been able to stop my rape if I had owned a firearm. I can tell you that any fear I had of guns evaporated as soon as I got a second chance at living my life. Had I been armed, I very well could have changed my circumstances and possibly prevented another attack on myself or the next victim.””

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