MJ Demo of Beat

Demo of Beat It composed using only Michael…. Audio

“As Jackson couldn’t fluently play any instruments, he would sing and beatbox out how he wanted his songs to sound by himself on tape, layering the vocals, harmonies and rhythm before having instrumentalists come in to complete the songs.”

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Wall Dogs

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UN IPCC AR5 report infected with fatal technical and procedural flaws

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:

UN report’s fatal flaws destroy credibility of WGII and WGIII findings

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

The UN IPCC AR5 latest climate assessment process comprising WGI, WGII and WGIII reports is complete. This process includes many hundreds of authors and reviewers, consideration of thousands of papers and ten of thousands of pages of reports, associated technical summaries and appendices. Yet amazingly with all this extraordinary expenditure time, effort and expense the report itself documents a monumental failure which has infected the process with fatal technical and procedural flaws which destroy the credibility of the WGII and WGIII findings.

The genesis of the fatal technical and procedural flaws are contained in the WGI report which documents the failure of the climate model global temperature projections to agree with observed global temperature measurements.

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Google under fire from European media tycoon

BBC News – Google under fire from European media tycoon.


Mr Dopfner’s comments were not just restricted to Google – the founder of social network Facebook also came under fire. He explained that he’d been at a conference when someone asked Mark Zuckerberg how Facebook stored data and protected users’ privacy.

“And Zuckerberg said: ‘I do not understand your question. Those who have nothing to hide, have nothing to fear.’

“Again and again I had to think about this sentence. It’s terrible. I know it is certainly not meant that way. This is a mindset that was fostered in totalitarian regimes not in liberal societies. Such a sentence could also be said by the head of the Stasi or other intelligence service or a dictatorship.””

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Nigeria: 115 Girls Still Missing

Fate of 115 abducted girls unknown, Nigeria says | Fox News.

There was a fatwa and huge demonstration today condemning the abduction of 115 girls by the Islamist group Boko Haram. 


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Portland to flush 38 million gallons of water after teen urinates in reservoir | Fox News

Portland to flush 38 million gallons of water after teen urinates in reservoir | Fox News.


What’s dumb and not-so-green? The government employees who decided to waste water and money in a gesture of cleanliness. See the trees? Well birds fly over the water. Ducks and geese land in the water. Need I go on?

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Bundy & Rand



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