So Why Is Paul Krugman Now Defending the 0.1%?

So Why Is Paul Krugman Now Defending the Privileges of the 0.1%? | Coyote Blog.

“The system that Krugman is defending is the system of the 1%. Or 0.1%. The current publishing system benefits about 200 major authors who are in the system and whose work has traditionally been spammed by the large publishers to every bookstore and news outlet. When you walk into an airport book seller, how much diversity of books do you see on the front table? You just know that you are going to see Sue Grafton’s “AA is for Aardvark” and Janet Evanovich’s “Fabulous Forty-Six”. The publishers have risk-return marketing incentives to push the 46th Stephanie Plum novel over trying any new author.”

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Activists oppose oil firm’s breast cancer donation

Activists oppose oil firm’s breast cancer donation – News – – Stroudsburg, PA.

When these Activists stop using all natural gas and related products they should make a sincere request. Rejecting money for breast cancer research is not smart or compassionate. There moral preening is another example of the lefts war on women.

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Everything Millennials Need To Know About Politics

22 If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom; and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that, too. — Somerset Maugham

via Everything Millennials Need To Know About Politics And Economics in 25 Quotes – John Hawkins

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Egypt Closes Boarder After Bombing

Egypt declares state of emergency in Sinai after checkpoint bombing.

“It was deadliest attack on the security forces since the army deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi last year.

The decision was also taken to close the Rafah crossing into the Gaza Strip, the only route into the Palestinian territory not controlled by Israel.

“The army and the police will take all necessary measures to tackle the dangers of terrorism and its financing, to preserve the security of the region . . . and protect the lives of citizens,” the presidential decree said.”

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Iran Hangs Woman

Iran hangs Reyhaneh Jabbari despite human rights protests – NY Daily News.

Iranian Reyhaneh Jabbari defended herself during the first hearing of her trial for the murder of a former intelligence official.“Jabbari, 26, claimed self-defense in the slaying of former employee of Iran’s ministry of intelligence, Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, who she said sexually attacked her.”

Meanwhile in America colleges teach women about micro-aggression.

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Scent of a Comet

“The Rosetta comet orbiter and soon lander has spent the last couple months sniffing the scent of the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet, and has just reported the results: it stinks. You might expect a rock that spends all its time in a vacuum to be fairly inoffensive, but in fact exposure to sunlight is causing it to give off quite an aroma: hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, and other caustic gases would make it smell “suffocating,” like a cross between a filthy barn, an embalming room, and a rotten egg.”

via Scent of a Comet is Suffocating: Rotten Eggs and Embalming Fluid – NBC

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Meet The Democrat Couple That Exposed NYC to #Ebola

More brainlessness from Ebola experts and government operatives | Behind The Black

Morgan Dixon

“Disconnected from reality: A liberal doctor, having just returned from Guinea where he was frequently exposed to ebola, wandered about New York City for days, thus ignoring government protocols that required him to limit his contact with outsiders.

Lo and behold, 9 days after his return he is diagnosed with Ebola. But that’s okay, he meant well! He cared!

However, this isn’t the worst of it. The police, after securing the doctor’s apartment, removed their gloves and masks used to protect them and dumped them in an ordinary street trash container on a public street.

Meet The Democrat Couple That Exposed NYC to #Ebola.

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